Hello world!

This is our vey first post on the blog so we want to showcase our first creations. I love Dia de los Muertos and when I saw pictures of retablos I finally found out the name of what my grandparents had in their homes. A retablo is created to honor a saint or to pay honor to those in our families who have passed on. They are normally religious and decorated ornately.

The first item I created was a Pose Box Retablo. I had played the gacha at Flux and won a few too many tutus from the Stringer Mausoleum. The tutus inspired me to create this pose box for myself but after all my hard work building it, I realized maybe others would love to use it.


After I had created this item and put it on marketplace, I decided to commission a really awesome friend to make a La Catrina Doll for me so that I can make a table-sized version. So I want to thank SunAnn Jewel, who owns the awesome store Marmelade, for taking time out of her busy schedule to make me the doll. There are 2 dolls and 2 versions of the tabletop retablos.


My mainstore is on the Firefly Hollow Village sim.


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