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Normally I like to name my store releases after songs but every once in a while I become inspired by a person and I name an item after them. Isley is amazing!!!!

You can get these nails in two options; either in the blacks or colors version. The price for each is set at a affordable price range. I hope you enjoy and love these as much as I do.



So just stop on by my mainstore and snag these brand new nail sets.

Valentine’s Offerings @ Lolapop

Hello everybody!

I know its been a while but well life decided to throw me in the ringer and a visit to the ER and what not has stopped me from releasing these earlier in the week.

So here are my new releases they are at a reduced price and will only be available in my store until the end of the month.



So just stop on by my mainstore and collect these awesome items at their super low prices, trust me they are a deal!

New Releases @ Lolapop

Oh hai guys! I know you are probably wondering why I’m resurrecting this brand name. Well I’ll tell you, I really loved this store name alot and now I’m making completely different stuff. I’m working with SLINK Enhancement Items and I can’t wait to get everything out.

Up first I got some nails I created.



And these are my fave, I called them Beauty School Dropout. If you are a fan of the movie Grease you will probably get this nerdy association <3 Lolapop-BeautySchoolDropoutNails-BubbleGothPack-Ad-1024


Last but not least I put up a gacha of the Shark Bite nails in a special bloody version.
Lolapop SharkBiteBloodyNails-GachaKey-1024

Remember that you must have the SLINK Mesh Enhancement Hands in order to use these nails. You can find my store on the .encore. sim HERE


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