Going Batty Up in Here

Normally I like to name my store releases after songs but every once in a while I become inspired by a person and I name an item after them. Isley is amazing!!!!

You can get these nails in two options; either in the blacks or colors version. The price for each is set at a affordable price range. I hope you enjoy and love these as much as I do.



So just stop on by my mainstore and snag these brand new nail sets.

Lolapop @ Adore & Abhor’s 6th year Anniversary Celebration

If you have not heard, Adore & Abhor has been in business continuously for 6 years. Airedene began the store with a kawaii EGL style and over the years with her new skills in mesh she has broadened her merchandise. Airedine asked Sileny to join her a couple years back and they became a one stop shop.

For this wonderful anniversary event a few of Airedine’s and Sileny’s friends were asked to create items that reflected the theme of “celebration” and also incorporate blue and pink if possible.

I am happy to say that I was asked to participate this year and I have created a new nail set especially for this event.

I wanted to incorporate the colors blue and pink in my nail set and I tried a few new techniques with this small collection. The nails are available at a special price for the event.

So come on and check out all the great items available!!! TP HERE

Lolapop @ The Witching Hour Gacha Event

Hello Everyone! I was invited to participate in this very small event called “The Witching Hour”. The witching hour is said to be the time when one has the ability to use their powers to the fullest. This gacha event is monthly and will feature paranormal, supernatural, and gothic items. Each gacha is 50L per play.

The Witching Hour

I created a new necklace. A while back I started making this in prims but this time around I made this item in mesh. The necklace is called “The Blood Moon Necklace”. There are seven versions to collect and the RARE is a fatpack of all the necklaces.

This event has a short time frame, it will end tonight at midnight. So please check it out and see all the items available HERE.

Valentine’s Offerings @ Lolapop

Hello everybody!

I know its been a while but well life decided to throw me in the ringer and a visit to the ER and what not has stopped me from releasing these earlier in the week.

So here are my new releases they are at a reduced price and will only be available in my store until the end of the month.



So just stop on by my mainstore and collect these awesome items at their super low prices, trust me they are a deal!

Lolapop @ The Eldergoth Macabre Release Party

I know its been a while since I have had a new release. I had some serious health issues and well some awkward falls, which lead to bruised ribs and my hand in a splint.

I wanted to do this outfit for a while but for some reason just never got the motivation. At the Eldergoth Macabre Release Parties you want to showcase your newest items. So I made something new at a introductory price of 150L and I put out 4 of my favorite SLINK nail polishes at 75L for the event only.

I bet you are wondering what I have created. It’s an outfit called “Flirting with Danger” and it includes 3 corset vest tops and 1 paneled pencil skirt.

Visit the Eldergoth Macabre Release Party HERE

I’ve been blogged

So I’m a little ecstatic because honestly I have been looking forward to Gothmas by Gaslight as a real starting point for my store. And I have been blogged by a few bloggers so far.

So for just a little vanity and the ZOMG feeling….here are the links so far!

http://deadaswe.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/gothmas-by-gaslight-is-open/ – awesome pictures by the super pretty Willow.

http://nekotails.blogspot.com/2013/12/a-gothy-little-elfy.html — beautiful pictures by Phire.

http://slfreebiehunters.blogspot.com/2013/12/gothmas-by-gaslight-2013-ii.html — beautiful pictures featuring a wide array of items at Gothmas by Gaslight, and lovely shots of my items.

Lolapop @ Gothmas by Gaslight 2013

Sorry guys! I haven’t been releasing on a regular schedule because I wanted to have a gigantic release for Gothmas by Gaslight. I didn’t make all my items Holiday Themed because I wanted to grant you as the customer the ability to wear them year round.

So first let’s get me started with all the nails I created. As usual the hud includes both hands & feet within the same hud.

And I’m taking a stab at clothing. I made a few items.

OMG! Ok I swear never to do this again LOL.
Go check out Gothmas by Gaslight it is NOW Officially opened. There are 2 sims – INFO HERE.

Lolapop is located HERE

Goddess’ and Octopus @ Lolapop

This week I tried my hand on something new. I figured out how to do socks for the SLINK Feet Enhancements. These stockings feature a octopus on the back with a broken line going down the leg to the ankle. I picked colors that should work for the autumn season.

Up next I have the Triple Goddess Nails. The set includes both hands and feet. These nails feature a French Manicure with a chrome like Goddess decal near the tips of the nail. Available in Bubble Goth and Uber Goth Packs.


You can pick this up at my mainstore HERE