Temporary Hiatus for Lolapop


Hai! If you are reading this and you are a customer of my store it is with great regret I have to write this but I feel this is the best option. Three and a half months ago I fell quite ill but they couldn’t diagnose what I had. It wasn’t until this month that they finally made a diagnosis. In December I ended up flaking on a few events due to my health’s rapid demise. It all began with my constant lethargy and the issues with my hands. I have been unable to create on a committed schedule and it is unfair to put the pressure on myself to try when I should be focusing on my own health. I also don’t want to put out subpar items and I feel that I just haven’t been giving my 100% lately even though I try so hard, but the evidence is in the lack of enthusiasm from myself to promote my items. I’m not closing forever, just need to get my health in order. So I will be slowly placing my items on Marketplace. I am still around on Plurk (somewhat) and you can send me im’s sometimes I get them as messages in my email. Thank you to my customers and bloggers who have supported so much over the years you really don’t know how much I appreciate you.

Until Wednesday January 28th, I will have my items 50% off at my mainstore location.

<3 Lola


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