Lolapop in Death Becomes Her Event by Horror Haute

The event that I am participating in is called “Death Becomes Her” and it sponsored by Horror Haute a subgroup of The Elegant Goth. It is important that you must be a member of the Horror Haute group in order to participate in this event. Group Fees are free to join so do not worry about paying any fees. The item that I have on sale for 100L is


Please keep in mind that I will not sell this dress again in my store, it was created just for this event. So if you favor the more gothic textures come and grab it before the event is over on October 31, 2014.

In my sale item you will receive a token. You will also receive directions on how to redeem your token if you would like to attain my free gift. (another item that will never be available in these textures in my store).

For more information on the event, please check out the Horror Haute Blog HERE!!

To grab my items TP HERE.


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