New Release, New Mainstore & L’Amitie Summer Market Release

Hello! I finally have a new release. Two new sets of nails that are perfect for EGL cosplay or if you are aspiring for an elegant look. They are argyle nails that come in either a gold glitter or silver glitter version.



These nails are available at my NEW MAINSTORE Location.

I am also participating in the L’Amitie Summer Market Event that began on July 19th and will end on August 2nd, 2014. There are a ton of great creators participating in this event. I created a summer dress with nostalgic summer prints.

Coming July 19th for L'amitie Market

You can find the L’Amitie Summer Market HERE!

New Changes with Lolapop

As you may have noticed I have been pretty inactive with the store. I have been working on items but I got a bit of that lazy summer blues hitting me. But nevertheless, I am going to turn things around.

Lolapop has a brand new mainstore location which I will announce in a couple of days here on the website. I know I’ll have to update my links.

The reason I am writing on here is to welcome the new bloggers. I am happy to work with them and can’t wait to see how they will work their magic.


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