Lolapop @ Adore & Abhor’s 6th year Anniversary Celebration

If you have not heard, Adore & Abhor has been in business continuously for 6 years. Airedene began the store with a kawaii EGL style and over the years with her new skills in mesh she has broadened her merchandise. Airedine asked Sileny to join her a couple years back and they became a one stop shop.

For this wonderful anniversary event a few of Airedine’s and Sileny’s friends were asked to create items that reflected the theme of “celebration” and also incorporate blue and pink if possible.

I am happy to say that I was asked to participate this year and I have created a new nail set especially for this event.

I wanted to incorporate the colors blue and pink in my nail set and I tried a few new techniques with this small collection. The nails are available at a special price for the event.

So come on and check out all the great items available!!! TP HERE

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